In order to make a family photo collection manageable and enjoyable, organization is key. There are many photo organization softwares out there to choose from. Doorstep Digital recommends that families use an organization tool with a facial recognition feature. This feature allows the user to select a person’s face in photos and tag them so that the software will recognize that person every time their face appears in a picture. Then the user can organize the photos according to who is in the photos, and the software can perform this organization automatically as more photos are uploaded to it.

One of the best softwares that includes facial recognition is Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom combines organizing, editing, and sharing into one software. It offers a huge selection of features and tools, which makes it an excellent choice for professional photographers. Doorstep Digital recently had the pleasure of offering private lessons in Lightroom to a photographer in the Houston area. Making use of the facial recognition feature was one of the highlights of the lessons.

But some people would prefer a less complex and less pricey organization software. For Apple users, Apple Photos may be a better option. Like Lightroom, Apple Photos provides tools for organizing, editing, and sharing. It makes facial recognition easy by including an album called “Faces.” Faces automatically detects people’s facial features in a photo collection and displays them in a line at the bottom of the window. The user can then click on a face and label it, and the label will attach to every picture where that face appears.

Google Photos works in a similar way. It is also worth noting that Google Photos can recognize other relationships between photos besides faces. For example, if a user typed “cat” into the search tool, Google Photos would display every photo in the collection containing a cat. It also has a tool called “Assistant” that looks for relationships between pictures and offers them as suggestions for an album.

Magix Photo Manager is another highly rated photo organizer with facial recognition. This program has less editing tools than other softwares. It focuses heavily on the creation of slideshow presentations. However, the free version only allows a user to select 10 faces to recognize in a collection at a time.

One of our main services at Doorstep Digital is to help families organize their photo collections. We are happy to work one-on-one with clients in choosing and learning how to use a photo organization software so that they can enjoy fantastic, time-saving tools like facial recognition and feel more empowered in photo management.