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Doorstop Digital will put your photos and documents on USB drive before leaving your home or office.  Your videos can be burned to DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.  Images and papers can be stored in the cloud service of your preference*, so you can access them anytime from anywhere, quickly and easily. Our trained Digital Archivists will come to your home or office and perform the work on-site, organizing your digitized materials exactly the way you want. *Cloud storage service charges not included. Some cloud storage services such as Dropbox offer a limited amount of storage for free. Ask Doorstep Digital about special discounts on storage service from Backblaze.


Organized photos, documents, artwork

1-2 Digital Archivists

Unorganized (in albums, etc) photos, documents, artwork

2-3 Digital Archivists (Mildly Unorganized)

3-4 Digital Archivists (Completely Unorganized)

*All Digital Archivist Services require 3-hour minimum


  • Large photos and artwork larger than 8.5″ x 11″ can be scanned (additional charges may apply for post production of artwork)
  • Document shredding and disposal services available for additional fee.
  • Video transfer, film transfer, and tape transfer require “real time” post production.  Video and Film Transfers are more economical if transferred at our facility rather than on-site like our photo, document, and artwork scanning.  Tapes, Film, Videos remain in safe during van transit and at facility digitization process.





Doorstep Digital is very proud to partner with these excellent digital back-up and computer service companies!  Discounted services and coupons when you become a Doorstep Digital client!

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Backblaze Benefits:

-free trial
-unlimited, automatic backup
-$5 a month

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Backblaze.com - Offsite hard drive backup

Backblaze – Offsite hard drive back up

e-mail Jack@doorstep-digital.com to schedule your appointment and receive 10% off your Backblaze membership.


CleanMyMac Software

CleanMyMac – Apple Computer Organization Software




We love their “CleanMyMac2” and “Gemini” products

e-mail jack@doorstep-digital.com to schedule your appointment and get your exclusive “CleanMyMac2”  coupon!


This above software products from MacPaw.com are fantastic to use to de-clutter your Apple or PC computer, free up hard drive space, eliminate old files.  You will breath a breath of fresh digital air after using this software!  The Digital Organization Coaches with Doorstep Digital are available to help you during your appointment or over the phone.


 MacPaw Homepage Link

MacPaw: innovative and intuitive products that are intended and designed to perfectly meet customer needs. Learn More.

An ingeniously simple and powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized and free of files that slow it down. Learn How.



A totally new and compelling way to locate duplicates and eliminate them from your Mac. Learn How.