Speaking Presentation Topics

Topic 1

Improving Family Archives – through proper preservation, better photographs, media storage and home networking

In this presentation, Jack Perry, owner and founder of Doorstep Digital, will discuss the importance of preserving your valuable family memories as well as the key elements of properly preserving your photos. Jack, a professional photographer, will also provide you with the tips and tools needed to take better photos and the latest media storage and home networking solutions for storing these precious memories.


Presentation Summary

1. Proper preservation

a. Historical context

b. The Process of Photo Preservation

c. Why preserve memories

2. Better photographs

a. Tips and Tools

3. Media Storage

a. Public Cloud Services

b. Private Cloud Services

4. Home Networking

a. Wi-fi Boosting

b. Improved wired connection

Topic 2

Public Cloud Services vs. Private Cloud Services – What is right for you?

In this presentation, Jack Perry, owner and founder of Doorstep Digital, will discuss the importance of proper preservation of cherished family memories and photographs. He will then present the essential elements and benefits of both public and private cloud-based storage services.


Presentation Summary

1. Importance of Proper Preservation

a. Historical context

b. Why preserve memories

2. Public Cloud Services

a. Google Photos

b. Apple Photos

c. Dropbox

d. Backblaze

3. Private Cloud Services

a. Synology

Topic 3

The Ideal Home – Home Archiving Storage, Home Networking, Home Automation

In this presentation, Jack Perry, founder of Doorstep Digital, will present the technological advances that have affected the way in which we preserve and store family memories as well as the way in which we store data contained on our computers. In addition, Jack will provide information about the newest products available to automate and network our homes for maximum security, functionality and ease


Presentation Summary

1. Technology of preservation and storage

a. Historical context of photo and memory preservation

b. Technological advances that have prepared the way for today’s products

c. What do we really want from technology in our homes?

2. Home Archiving Storage

a. Features

i. “If it’s not in 4 places, it is nowhere”

ii. (2) Physical locations

iii. (2) Cloud locations (Backblaze, Google Photos, Apple Photos)

b. Products – Synology

3. Home Networking

a. Features

i. Wi-fi Boosting

ii. Improved wired connection

b. Products

4. Home Automation

a. Features

b. Products – Google Home and Alexa

Topic 4

The $5000 Mistake

In this presentation, Jack Perry, owner and founder of Doorstep Digital, will discuss his $5000 mistake and what he has learned the hard way. Jack will then discuss the greatest obstacle facing small business owners. He will discuss how to get the best bang for your buck and the value of social media connections and public relations. Jack will then talk about a few of the businesses represented in the audience and present the most difficult challenge.


Presentation Summary

1. Jack’s $5000 Mistake

a. The Mistake

b. The Win

2. The Obstacle – Limited Resources

a. Best bang for the buck

b. Social media connections

c. Public Relations

3. Value Analysis – What is the right choice for your business?

a. Polling Audience and Jack’s feedback

b. Jack’s Challenge

Topic 5

Convenience – The Value of a Mobile Business

In this presentation, Jack Perry, owner and founder of his own mobile business – Doorstep Digital, shares his thoughts on ideal service providers in the context of our modern, convenient world. He then shares the benefits and challenges of running a mobile business.


Presentation Summary

1. Our convenient world

a. Historical context of service providers (Fuller Brush Man, Avon Lady, Milk Man, etc..)

b. Our modern world (Uber, Lyft, Food Trucks)

c. What do your clients want? The ideal service provider

2. Benefits of operating a mobile business

a. Promote unique ideas

b. Work from home / No office needed

c. Duplication in other cities

d. Vacancy

e. Efficiency

f. Optimization

g. Convenience

Topic 6

Our Virtual World – Leveraging your Virtual Team

In this presentation, Jack Perry, owner and founder of Doorstep Digital, will discuss the effects of technology on our employment options as well as the ideal working environment. Jack will then present the benefits of having a virtual team including cost benefit, access, flexibility and others. Jack will conclude with some of the challenges of managing a virtual team and the ways in which Doorstep Digital has conquered these challenges.


Presentation Summary

1. Our virtual world

a. Historical context of work environments

b. How increased technology affects employment options

c. The ideal working environment

2. Benefits of a virtual team

a. Access – submit work in the evening, it is done in the morning)

b. Cost – ½ the cost

c. Quality – world class talent

d. Time Optimization – More efficient if working in virtual world

e. No politics – More impersonal, less drama

3. Conquering challenges of managing virtual team

a. Challenge 1 – Finding and hiring

i. Option 1 – Upworks

ii. Option 2 – Outsourcely

b. Challenge 2 – Trust and oversight

i. Option 1 – Last Pass

ii. Option 2 – Security Issues

c. Challenge 3 – Logistics

i. Option 1 – US vs Overseas

ii. Option 2 – Other

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