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Houston ABC News 13 – Doorstep Digital Photo Scanning Project with Ireland Photos from 1900’s

Digital Archivists photo scanning in Houston for Doorstep Digital

Digital Archivists photo scanning in Houston for Doorstep Digital



June 5, 2015

Doorstep Digital on ABC 13

On Wednesday, Doorstep Digital had the opportunity to scan, backup, and organize the priceless photos 100+ year old of Houston residents Frank and Midge Whitson. In light of the recent flooding, Doorstep Digital was able to help the Whitsons prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. With the help of Jack and his crew of digital archivists, Doorstep Digital offered services to the Whitsons who wanted to preserve memories of their ancestors. The Whitsons have many priceless photos and documents commemorating their family members. They have spent many hours maintaining these records and would have been devastated if these priceless photos had been lost.

ABC 13 caught Doorstep Digital in action to show the importance of protecting your valuable photos and documents before it is too late. Owner Jack Perry offered simple tips for inexpensive digital storage. Midge Whitson also shared some interesting stories about her parents, grandparents and other family members. Now that these memories have been digitized, she can more easily share them with her family and will not have to worry about them being lost in the future.

Check out Houston local KTRK ABC 13’s story here!

Houston Photo Scanning,  Houston Photo Archiving, Houston Photo Organizing services by Doorstep Digital featured on ABC Channel 13 News

Here are some great recommendations to preserve collections of priceless photos, videos, documents, artwork, film, or slides:

  • Digitally store your memories in 3 locations:
    • Cloud provider
  • Recommend storing with more than on vendor in case 1 vendor fails or gets hacked
  • — Google Drive for PC users
  • – for unconscious backup on your phone – Mac Users
  • – for conscious off-site backup
  • – for unconscious overnight off-site backup
    • Local computer
    • Separate local hard drive
    • Basic USB hard drives cost $60 – $80 and hold 1 TB of data. That is plenty for most families.
  • Place your photos, videos and documents off the ground on shelves where water cannot harm them.
  • Use Ziploc bags, shoeboxes, or file folders to protect and store your photos.
  • Place photos, videos and documents in Sterlite plastic (water safe) bins from Walmart.
  • Use the new apple “Photos” program with their new OS release.
  • Do not store photos with newspapers or articles on newsprint, as they have high acidity. Store these newsprint items in a separate location.
  • Do not store hard drives in a safe and forget about them. Do not expect that just having an external hard drive is sufficient protection.