Doorstep Digital Digital Archiving, Photo Scanning, Slides to Digital, Digital Organization, Film Transfer Team 2016

Doorstep Digital – Digital Archivist Team 2016

The new year has come, and now it is time to both reflect over the previous year and to eagerly make plans for the next. For Doorstep Digital, 2015 was a year of scanning photos for amazing families from all over the country. Here in our home town of Houston, we had the pleasure of helping a family of Houstonians digitize a collection of four generations worth of photographs and negatives. We were also pleased to be invited to scan and save images from the 1940’s depicting the history and heritage of Jewish families in Texas. In Dallas, we helped a family preserve the remnant photo albums that survived a house fire. Beyond the borders of Texas, we have been fortunate to meet and work with families in Seattle who chose Doorstep Digitals photo scanning, slides to digital, and film transfer services over those of larger companies. And these are just a few of the many gratifying experiences Doorstep Digital has had with client families throughout the past year. We thank you not only for your business, but also for the honor of being trusted with the preservation of your treasured memories. We look forward to scanning many more large photo album collections in the new year as well as to many other exciting developments in 2016.


Doorstep Digital - Digital Archivist Team 2015

Doorstep Digital – Digital Archivist Team 2015


In fact, one of the most compelling events will take place February 3 – 6 at the upcoming Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rootstech is a global conference centered around the celebration of family history. Anyone interested in learning about their heritage or telling their stories will enjoy this conference. Doorstep Digital will have a booth there featuring our newly decked-out van, and we will be discussing partnership and franchising opportunities to help archive family history and run your own Doorstep Digital business in your city.   If you are going to be at Rootstech, please come say “hello!” We are very much looking forward to meeting more family history enthusiasts from around the world.

Roots Tech 2016 with Doorstep Digital booth

Roots Tech 2016 with Doorstep Digital booth

Doorstep Digital - Digital Archivist - Photo Scanning

Doorstep Digital – Digital Archivist – Photo Scanning, Slides Scanning, Digital Organization


Doorstep Digital is also planning to expand its availability in cities throughout the country. In Texas, we will continue to offer services in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other locations. But we also love to visit families living in other parts of the nation such as Seattle or Denver or Salt Lake City or Chicago. In fact, now that the United States is in the throes of winter, it is a perfect time for Chicago residents to cuddle-up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a digital slideshow of memories, courtesy of Doorstep Digital.

Along with expanding availability geographically, we also plan to offer services to various institutions as well as to families. We find that doctor’s offices, attorneys, non-profits, and other organizations have a growing need for digital archiving services in order to safeguard their hardcopy documentation. And just as Doorstep Digital comes directly to a family’s home upon request, we can also perform scanning services onsite at an organization’s office.

We are also excited about being able to continue partnering with She Has Hope, a charitable organization that rescues and rehabilitates young women who were victims of human trafficking in South Asia. These ladies receive counseling, medical care, room and board, and career training so that they can re-enter society with hope, dignity, and confidence. Doorstep Digital is privileged to be able to provide a bed a month for these precious women, and we thank our client families who make these donations possible, for while you are preserving your family’s memories, you are also investing in the future of these young ladies so that they may have good memories and hope to pass to their children, too.


She Has Hope - Human Trafficking Response

She Has Hope – Human Trafficking Response through craft skills

She Has Hope - Human Trafficking Response

She Has Hope – Human Trafficking Response


Doorstep Digital is very excited for 2016 and all the promise and adventure that it holds for us. Between making memories and preserving them, we expect it to be our best year ever. From all of us to all of our friends, both old friends and friends to come, we wish you a happy New Year!