Photo Organizing and Digital Organization Houston - Doorstep Digital

Photo Organizing and Digital Organization Houston – Doorstep Digital


Digital Organization services with the Digital Archivists at Doorstep Digital is becoming a very popular re to help clients organize their photos, videos, and documents on their computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. In order to fully enjoy the priceless memories that clients have made with family members and loved ones, we follow these simple steps to give our clients the peace of mind that they are becoming digitally organized.

Doorstep Digital will inventory all photos, videos, tapes, film, artwork, documents, slides, negatives and digital files.  This inventory will be used as a reference point for the client’s digital folders.

Doorstep Digital will help clients organize all digital records in their chosen destination such as through Apple Photos or Shutterfly ThisLife or Photo Organizing Software of their choice.

During the Digital Organization process, Doorstep Digital will assist clients in addressing their questions and concerns regarding how to efficiently access photos and videos, free up storage space, back up data in physical and digital forms as well as tips to improve computer performance and protect digital data from fire, flood, or theft.

Upon completion of the archiving process, clients can enjoy their memories and records, print photo albums, play videos on the TV or phone, view photos on the computer, and have the peace of mind that all items are safely stored.

Doorstep Digital recommends that digital archivists come back once each year to make sure all of priceless assets are properly scanned, backed up, and organized.