Alamo Heights is one of Doorstep Digital’s favorite neighborhoods in Texas.   We love it’s neat history and current charm!  Doorstep Digital finds itself in Alamo Heights area quite often these days working for families preserving their history through their photo and video collection.

Alamo Heights, just north of downtown San Antonio, is a small city rich with over 100 years of history. Historian T.R. Fehrenbach said of the beautiful city, “Alamo Heights, whatever else it is, reflects three qualities: good government, stable neighborhoods and a feeling of intimacy.” Early settlers like George Washington Brackenridge and Charles Anderson came to this area in the mid 1800s. These settlers wanted to ensure that the beauty they found would be preserved by building the city around the hills, trees, and waters. In the early 1900s, more houses and modern transportation began to make its way into the city. Alamo Heights became a municipality in 1922 with around 3000 residents.

Doorstep Digital took some time to visit with Susan Gragg, realtor with local Brokerage Firm Phyllis Browning.  She had some great tips for homeowners in Alamo Heights area.

Today, Alamo Heights is home to about 7500 people and is described as a “close-knit community”. It has its own police and fire departments as well as one of the best high schools in the area. Local resident and realtor, Susan Gragg, said this of the city, “It is such a desirable location to live in that people started buying the old “cottages” and tearing them down in order to rebuild larger houses on the lots. The AH City Council decided to pass more restrictive building ordinances in order to preserve the charm of the City.”

How about current day fun to do in Alamo Heights?

“My favorite Street is Argyle because it is in the heart of Alamo Heights, and it leads to an historic old house that is now a private club called The Argyle.”

” My favorite restaurant in Alamo Heights is Cappy’s because it has been around for many years, and the food is consistently very good!”, says Gragg.

Doorstep Digital also visited with Bret Lum, local builder and home restoration and home remodeling specialist with Balcones Builders.

“One of my favorite things about Alamo Heights is its architectural charm.   The beautiful homes and streets are unlike anywhere in Texas.” says Bret Lum with Balcones Builders.  Balcones Builders specializes in Alamo Heights Restoration and Alamo Heights Home Remodels.  Special home improvements like driveway repair, screen porch additions, outdoor kitchen’s, wood decks, kitchen renovations are all very common projects that Balcones Builders will do for their Alamo Heights clients.  To preserve the charm of Alamo Heights, Balcones Builders retains some of the finest carpenters, tile workers, and painters.   “Sometimes a family home in Alamo Heights will just need a nice new paint job in several rooms with maybe a wainscoting or crown molding update.  Other times, the Alamo Heights home needs to be completely gutted and remodeled.”  Balconies Builders can be easily reached for home improvement and remodel projects at (210) 563-5773.

Alamo Heights stands by its mission statement in continuing to be “a vibrant village in which to live and work by protecting and enhancing its native beauty, promoting its special sense of community, and providing excellent city services.”

Doorstep Digital looks forward to many more photo archiving, photo scanning, video transfer, and digital organizing in San Antonio Alamo Heights area.  Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow!….in Alamo Heights!