Whether you are photo scanning, clearing clutter, organizing your computer, creating a better storage system in your home or creating a new family biography book, 2017 is a fantastic year to get started with New Year’s resolutions.

Doorstep Digital has the privilege of working with families in Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Chicago where we help to improve their lives through digital organization, photo scanning and private cloud install.

Below is a list of top 10 ideas on how to kickstart a better year for 2017, improve your photography collection, your family life, and your digital organization!


Top 10 Digital New Year’s Resolutions

1. Clean up, purge, and organize my computer’s digital chaos.

2. Improve speed of my computer by deleting duplicate files.

3. Improve my home wifi and networking connectivity.

4. Back up all my family’s digital collection.

5. Digitize mom and dad’s old photos, albums, journals, film, tapes, and videos.

6. Install home security cameras to protect my family and valuables.

7. Install a “family external hard drive storage” aka “family media server” for better security and control of family photo and video collection.

8. Create a well designed photo album for my parents for their Anniversary, Birthday, or Christmas 2017.

9. Schedule interviews with family members to create thoughtful family biography book with written stories.

10. Curate photo collection for family biography book.